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About us

High Tail Canine Specialists believe that just as dogs bring out the very best in people, we have the opportunity to bring out the very best in your dog! After more than 25 combined years in the business, The High Tail Team has the commitment, network, and knowledge, as well as a library of tools and guides to provide ethical, effective, and enjoyable training to both in-person and online training clients. 

Kelley with High Tail Canine Specialists works with a reactive dog, resocializing and decompressing for a water break. Dog Training in Meridian Idaho

High Tail Services offer a wide range of options to best serve each customer individually. No matter what path you choose in the High Tail Training family,  Our training methods are focused on the relationship you share with your furry family member. 

For in-person clients, we meet you where you live and play so that you can practice anything and everything you learn in a lesson in the very same environments when the trainer leaves.

For our online High Tail Academy clients, our products are designed to be accessible on desktop or mobile so your High Tail Tools are available to you no matter where you go! 

If you are the kind of dog owner who wants a deep, meaningful, dynamic relationship with your dog. We would love to welcome you to the High Tail Family.

"Kelley has an excellent way with dogs! She is knowledgeable, caring, and is extremely patient not only with dogs, but with their pet pet parents as well! I would recommend High Tail Canine Specialists to anyone needing assistance with dog training. Kelley not only shows you how to teach your dog commands but also gives you the information behind each command you are using and why you use it. Thank you for your expertise, high standard of ethics, and kindness you show!!!!"     - Mark L.

"My aussie looks forward to every training session with High Tail! Kelley seems to have a magic touch with her. I'd watched a ton of YouTube videos and read books to start training on my own but we got 100x further in our first session with Kelley than we had in weeks on our own. I also love that she has customized our sessions based on our needs, and for a reasonable cost! My husband was skeptical about paying for training but told me I could sign up for as much as I wanted after he saw our progress. I'd Highly recommend High Tail!" 

-Riley W

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