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Training Techniques

Our goal is to make all training equally effective, ethical, and enjoyable not only for the dogs but for you the owner as well. We believe that an educated dog owner will lead a happier life for the dog and themselves. We will train with any and all breeds, all ages, and all lifestyles. All dogs old and young can learn new tricks! 

With over 20 years of cumulative experience in the training industry we have found that a training split of 80 percent POSITIVE reinforcement and 20 percent INTENTIONAL correction tends to give us the most effective results and desired feedback. With that being said you will not see us using techniques like flooding or excessive correction as these techniques in most cases, and especially if done incorrectly can make a dog more anxious and teach them to cope in less desirable methods. 

Positive Re-Inforcement  Training: Whether or not you can tell at this stage in training with your pup, the truth of the matter is; your dogs highest calling is to please you. His second highest calling is to please himself. Positive reinforcement is appealing to these two callings in your dog to produce a certain result. In a nutshell PRAISE is the name of the game. When the pup pleases you we praise him, whether that's through love, treats, or toys we just want them to know that they are a good boy! ( or girl of course!)

Intentional Correction Training: As it sounds ICT is a correction from a bad behavior and ideally to a better behavior. ICT is not used to cause pain or produce a fear response in a dog. it is more commonly used to redirect your dogs attention back to the good behavior. ICT is mainly a technique used to redirect your dog back to focus when its attention is elsewhere out of the control of Positive Re-inforcement. 

These two training techniques combined have helped us to graduate hundreds of family companions and dozens of service dogs.

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